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Whinless Down Academy

Whinless Down Academy

Term 4

Year  1 Term 4

Key Concepts – Number –  Fractions

  • Clear understanding about the concept of equal parts
  • Understanding that finding a half or halving means two equal parts.
  • To be able to use the concept of one half or halving using a range of different measures and problems involving number.
  • Use number lines to demonstrate whole numbers and whole numbers and halves.
  • Understanding that finding a quarter means having four equal parts
  • To be able to use a range of different concrete and abstract to support wok on quarters.
  • Link half and quarters to sharing between 2 and 4

Key Vocabulary

Equal parts








Key Concepts – Topic - Time

  • Use a range of vocabulary associated with time
  • Begin to understand the passing of time – such as second, minute, hour etc
  • Begin to understand ideas of simple chronology of when things happen during the day and use associated vocabulary
  • Being to understand the order of the days of the week/months
  • Tell the time for o’clock/half past

Key Vocabulary

Time, Quicker, slower, earlier, later

Clock, big hand, small hand

Hour, minute, second




Common Misconceptions – Fractions

That shapes/quantities need to be split equally into two to be halves. (Not just split into two randomly)

That a quarter is the same as half of a half.

That a half comes exactly halfway between zero and one on a number line and 1 ½ comes exactly halfway between 1 - 2

Common Misconception – Properties of shape

The difference between yesterday and tomorrow

That when telling the time on an analogue clock the small hand is half way between the hours and the big hand is at 6 for half past