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Whinless Down Academy

Whinless Down Academy


Intent - 

At the Whinless Down Academy Trust, we intend to provide children with opportunities to learn and practise key scientific skills that enable them to find out about the human and natural worlds. We promote the importance of asking questions and using different approaches to find the answers. They are able to hypothesise, test and evaluate questions they have about the concepts they are studying. Children will have a broad range of knowledge around the different scientific areas.

Implement - 

•The Science curriculum is designed in line with the NC and aims to build on prior learning that has already taken place. Teachers check in on prior knowledge to  ensure teaching is relevant to the learners.

•Range of opportunities to work scientifically across the topics

•Science is taught and recorded in a range of different ways to reflect learning styles and individual needs

•Taught as part of our creative curriculum so it gives the learning opportunities a context

•Knowledge, skills and understanding are defined so children are aware of what they are learning

•Scientific skills are modelled by adults so children have examples to see these being used effectively

•A knowledge organiser which outlines knowledge and vocabulary which all children are supported to learn throughout the term. 

By the end of primary school, Science learners should…

•Understand what Science is and the language we use when we learn about science

•Ask questions about the world and investigate the answers

•Have a range of experiences where I can use and apply my scientific skills