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Whinless Down Academy

Whinless Down Academy


Our vision for music

To provide a music curriculum that engages and excites children.


We aim to expose children to a rich variety of musical instruments and genres, commenting on their own work and that of others. The study of music can relate to expression and communication, using the body and voice in a variety of ways.


We have used the ‘Model Music Curriculum: Key Stages 1 to 2, non-statutory guidance (March 2021) to develop our long term plan for music. We offer our pupils the opportunity to explore music through the key elements of listening, playing, composing and performing. Music lessons in KS2 are weekly one hour lessons and slightly less in KS1. All children from Year 2 to Year 6 have the opportunity to learn to play at least one musical instrument before they leave in Year 6. Instrumental playing is provided by an outside musician who works closely with all schools in the Trust. Children get opportunity to play as part of a larger group enabling them to engage in music making. There are varied opportunities for performing to an audience such as family assemblies, carol concerts and in external projects such as Bold as Brass. Alongside our instrumental playing pupils are encouraged to engage in singing and choral singing is part of curriculum.

The children are exposed to a wide range of music both recorded and where there are opportunities live performances too.

Pupils’ learning is split into two distinct areas, learning to play an instrument and singing and the theoretical side to music where they learn about musicianship and composing.

By the time children leave WDAT, we want:

  • For all children to have had the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument
  • To understand that different types of music evoke a variety of emotions.
  • To have had opportunity to have listened to a variety of recorded and live music.
  • Have had the opportunity to compose and make music and perform as part of an ensemble.