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Whinless Down Academy

Whinless Down Academy


As charitable companies limited by guarantee, every Trust has members who have a similar role to shareholders in a company limited by shares. Most notably they:

  • are signatories to the articles of association which includes definition of the trusts’ charitable object and governance structure (where they are Founding Members);
  • may, by special resolution, amend the articles of association, subject to any restrictions created by the trust’s funding agreement or charity law;                                             
  • may, by special resolution (which requires 75% rather than a simple majority of Members to agree) appoint new Members or remove existing Members other than, where there is one, the foundation/ sponsor body and any Members it has appointed;
  • have powers to appoint Trustees as set out in the trust’s articles of association, and have power under the Companies Act to remove any or all serving Trustees;
  • May, by special resolution, issue direction to the Trustees to take a specific action;
  • appoint the trust’s auditors and receive the trust’s annual audited accounts (subject to the Companies Act); and
  • have power to change the name of the charitable company and ultimately, wind up the academy trust.


Our Members:

Member Register of Business Interest Governor/Trustee at another establishment Relationship to Employee
Alison Mackintosh

Signed: 14th December 2023


No No
Claire Jones

Signed: 29th November 2023

Absolute Graphix

No No
Anthony Welch

Signed: 12th November 2021


No No
Carol Rayfield

Signed: 18th October 2022


No No