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Whinless Down Academy

Whinless Down Academy


Intent - 

We intend to lay the foundations for children to be able to speak a foreign language, introducing them to core conversational French that would allow them to take an interest in and enjoy speaking a foreign language. By the time they leave year 6, we intend for children to be confident in attempting to speak, read and write French, which would enable them to converse with others in everyday life. 

Implement - 

Salut has been chosen as a scheme to follow in our schools as it is very progressive in the way key vocabulary, knowledge and skills are introduced, with opportunities built in to revisit and revise key learning points and vocabulary. Salut provides a natural progression from speaking skills to reading and writing.  The supplementary resources are enjoyed by staff and children – children engage well with these.

French is the selected Modern Foreign Language in our schools as we are located across the English Channel from France. Children can see France from Dover on a clear day. They will also see written French within our local community, for example on signage around the Port of Dover or around Euro Tunnel in Folkestone. Many of our families have people who work at the port, ferries or tunnel, and some will work in France itself; these may be future careers for our pupils.

In KS1, MFL is not statutory, however, to prepare children for the language they will be learning in KS2, we give pupils a flavour of French though using basic greeting and numbers within the context of songs, games and simple greetings as part of everyday classroom activities.

Impact - 

By the end of their time at the Whinless Down Academy children should have: 

  • developed an increasing confidence with attempting to speak, read and write in a foreign language 
  • knowledge of some conversational vocabulary in a foreign language 
  • be able to hold a simple conversation in a foreign language