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Whinless Down Academy

Whinless Down Academy

Long Term Plan


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Year 3

Core 1:

Greeting each other.

Introducing themselves.

Counting up to 10.

Introducing their immediate family.

Core 2:

Saying the days of the week

Naming colours

Counting between 11 and 20

Naming countries

Expressing likes and dislikes

Core 3:

Identifying body parts

Counting up to 31

Identifying items of clothing

Naming the months of the year

Talking about birthdays


Saying animal vocabulary

Asking about pets

Describing animals using adjectives

Using prepositions

Naming animal homes


Naming common foods

Expressing likes and dislikes

Saying what they are eating

Naming cutlery

Saying what they would like to have

Understanding cooking instructions

At school:

Saying how they travel to school

Naming places in school

Listing the contents of their pencil case

Telling the time

Naming school subjects

Year 4


Basic commands (imperatives)

Saying what’s in the playground

How to say a variety of playground games 

Using “j’aime” with another verb

Saying what and where they like to play

My Home:

Saying where they live

Identify a variety of rooms and furntiure

Describe their daily routine

My town:

Asking how much something costs and saying prices

Talking about what is in their town

Giving directions

Saying names of shops

Saying the names of items you might buy in a shop

Describing people:

Saying colours that are useful for describing hair and eyes

Describing physical features

Describing a person’s personality

Saying what they are wearing

Using “il” and “elle” with “être” and “avoir

The body:

Naming parts of the face

Saying basic verbs in the first person

Saying that something hurts

Naming fairy tale characters

Saying traditional fairy tale locations


Talking about the sports they play

Expressing likes

Detailed vocabulary for football and tennis matches

The use of the verb “savoir

Year 5

On Holiday:


-Holiday accommodation

-Vocabulary associated with the zoo, beach and theme park

-Using the perfect past tense.





Eating Out:

Asking for items in a shop or restaurant

Asking how much things cost

Some basic weights

How to order for others in a restaurant.



Naming hobbies

Talking about types of music and giving opinions

Saying what musical instruments they play

Talking about different types of films.


A School Trip:

The perfect past tense The future tense Some common verbs Vocabulary associated with a trip to a museum and the countryside.


The names of seasons.

Talking about seasonal activities.

Saying the date and when their birthday is.

Naming craft materials.

Following craft instructions

The environment:

Saying what the weather is like Naming garden creatures Talking about garden activities Talking about recycling

Year 6


Using action verbs in the first person.

Using action verbs in the third person singular.

Using some adverbs.

Naming craft materials.

Using the perfect past tense in the third person singular form.

In France:

Learning where some French cities are located in France.

Talking about tourist attractions in Paris.

Learning about French-speaking countries.

Naming popular French foods.


Naming extended family members.

Saying how many siblings they have.

Talking about the household tasks they do and have done.

Forming sentences using “on”.

Vocabulary associated with birthday parties.

A weekend with Friends:

Talking about activities that they might do at the weekend.

Expressing what they would and wouldn’t like to do.

Asking others if they would like to do something.

Naming foods associated with midnight feasts.

Giving a reason for accepting or declining an invitation.

The Future:

The future tense in the first, second and third person singular and first person plural.

Using adjectives to compare people.

More ways to describe how they are feeling.



Naming a number of jobs in French.

Saying what they want to be when they’re older.

Naming some workplaces.

Saying vocabulary linked to space stations and fire stations.