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Whinless Down Academy

Whinless Down Academy


Intent - Our Art curriculum aims to develop learners to be confident, creative and able artists that have faith in their own abilities, who embrace a ‘have a go attitude’, whilst being able to evaluate their own work and that of others. 

Implement – To gain the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to succeed in Art, children begin their creative journey by having a go at an initial piece of work. From this, they study the work of artists and build on their knowledge and vocabulary. They then have extensive opportunities to practise and develop their skills in their sketch books. They use this to inform their final piece. At each stage they are able to confidently evaluate their work and the work of others.   

Impact – Through the high quality first teaching of Art, we will see the impact of the subject in several ways. Through pupil voice, children will be able to talk about the skills, knowledge and understanding they have acquired. As artists the children will use their extensive knowledge of diverse artists to inform their own creative choices. They will confidently explore with new skills, while evaluating art to develop their own sense of style, using personal expression and individual imagination.