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 Whinless Down Academy Tag-Rugby Event- Kent School Games

On Tuesday 29th April 2022, 12 pupils from the Whinless Down Academy participated in a Tag-Rugby event at Betteshanger Sports Club. The Tag-Rugby team played 6 separate matches against other Schools in Kent. The Tag-Rugby team demonstrated excellent teamwork and managed to score 14 points on the try line.  All of the Tag-Rugby players showed great sportsmanship during the Tag-Rugby tournament by cheering on other Schools and helping each other throughout the games. 

Top three skills our Tag-Rugby team remembered while playing the games in the Tag-Rugby tournament- 

  • 1. Spatial Awareness- Create clear formations during the game                 
  • 2. Passing- Always pass back to your team                                              
  • 3. Try line- Hold the ball on the try line  

Thank you to our 12 pupils who represented Whinless Down Academy on Tuesday 29th April 2022.  We are proud of you all and we look forward to our next Kent School Games competition. 


Whinless Down Academy Kent School Games Friendly Football Tournament  

On Thursday 24th April 2022 12 pupils from the Whinless Down Academy attended the Kent School Games Football tournament at Goodwin Academy in Deal. The pupils had a great afternoon playing friendly Football matches, our Academy Football team managed to score 7 fantastic goals during the Football tournament.  

The pupils enjoyed making new friends during the football games and learnt key football skills. 

Defending- The Football team were able to work on their defending skills during the Football tournament. 

Passing- The Football team were fantastic at sharing and passing the ball. 

Scoring- During the Football game our Football team managed to score 7 goals. 

Thank you to all of our Football players for representing Whinless Down Academy, we are proud of you!